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Why Does It Take So “LONG” !

I would like to go over my grooming procedure for those of you who are asking this eternal question about why it would take so long to groom a dog! Look at it as FUN and INFORMATIVE!

First of all, as my clients know, I pretty much do it all by myself! This means, I do all opening procedures, all of the client intake (which can take up to almost a half an hour for one person and their dog) answering the phone, checking messages, and then all the out going dogs, money handling and so forth. And none of that is actual grooming.

Then you MUST take into account that I am not working solely on your dog on any day. I have IN TIMES, that allows me to sort through who is first, second and so forth, and where you fall in to that schedule depends on when you came in!

I do not take a dog in and put it on the table and groom only it that day. It is just not how I do things.

For my Grooming procedure, I completely brush and comb each dog, even those with short coat or that I have had to shave before the bath (which can take up to an hour if they are severely matted or act like “pistols”.) Brushing and combing part of how I get the finish that is my signature grooming outcome.

In the bath, I evaluate which of the natural shampoos I will use, and COMPLETELY wash your dog by hand. I do not use a “bathing system” which recirculates dirty water to speed up the process. It is part of how I bond with your dog. While in the tub, I like to get your dog to fully relax and enjoy the experience of a bath, so often I will do a short massage with the shampoo on. This allows the VERY High quality product to do what it is intended to do for your dogs coat. Then I will evaluate whether your dogs coat needs remoisturising, or conditioning and will allow that to absorb into the skin and coat for a minimum of 5 minutes. After that I rinse thoroughly and towel dry before I start the drying process.

By now, I have worked on your dog for in excess of one hour, IF I am doing everything right and helping your dog enjoy the grooming experience.

During the drying, I use a “forced air” dryer. I dry EVERYONE by hand because it produces the finish that I desire. Drying time can take from 15 minutes (for a small very short coat) to 1 hour (a standard poodle in full coat) to over 1 hour for Rough Collies, Great Pyrenees, etc. What I do is not for the squeamish or those in a HURRY.

After all this it is time for the Finish Brush and Comb Out…. another 15 to 20 minutes if it is done correctly, which I do.

Then the finish hair cut or trimming of paws, face, etc.

None of this takes into account, playing, petting, talking to or giving treats to your best friend, as I don’t just ¬†handle a dog like a piece of furniture!!! (there are those who do, but it is NOT my style!!)

By now I have worked on your dog in excess of 2 hours, if I have done everything right, and made it enjoyable for your dog AND myself. Which it is AS important for ME to enjoy this grooming process and for it to be UP to my standard of finish, because if a groomer isn’t happy, a dog isn’t happy- I won’t go into how stressed an animal can get if the person working on it is HURRIED or MAD or UPSET, etc.

That should be completely understood by now.

I hope this gives a vague idea of what I do, and why it “TAKES SO LONG” for me to do what I do!!